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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hospitals In Ireland

Ireland is country which have wide area 70,282 sq. km. (27,136 sq. mi.) slightly larger than West Virginia has temperate maritime. Ireland with capital city Dublin have population around 4,234,935 (2006 estimated) and getting GDP (2005): $160.3 billion.

Ireland nation called irishman or irishwoman are mainly of celtic originwith the country's only significant sized minority having descended from the Anglo-Normans. English is the common language, but Irish (Gaelic) is also an official language and is taught in schools. Ireland concern to provide Health Care in whole Ireland area to support health care program to their community.

so, if you have plan travel to go there, you have to be understand and little know about Ireland hospitals so if you meet health problem you will easily find one of them. Many Health Care Provider and Hospitals in Ireland may be mentioned as a following list below:

Hospitals in Ireland:
  1. Beaumont Hospital, National Centre for Neurosurgery and Renal Medicine,Acute 620 bed general hospital specializing in Neurosurgery, Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation, Cochlear Implantation, ENT and Gastroenterology
  2. St. James's Hospital,Approximately 780 beds and 3500 staff. Located in Dublin, Ireland.
  3. rotunda Hospital, Dublin, Maternity Hospital
  4. Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland - The latest hospital and health information for Patients and Visitors
  5. The Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland
  6. Coombe Women's Hospital,Provides the most extensive women's healthcare service in Ireland
  7. HPAI - Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland
  8. Children in Hospital Ireland is committed to achieving child-centred health care
  9. Health Promoting Hospitals All Ireland, Provides information from the Northern Ireland Health Promoting Hospital Network (NIHPH) and the Irish National Health Promoting Hospital Network (IHPH)
  10. St. Vincent's Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
  11. Northern Ireland Hospital Radio
  12. Ireland Cancer Center
  13. Bloomfield Geriatric Hospital
  14. Ireland Army Community Hospital
  15. Barringtons Hospital, Medical Centre Limerick Ireland
  16. Hospital Pathology Ireland, Private pathology Laboratory Ireland
  17. St. Conal's Psychiatric Hospital


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